bracken control

Effective bracken Spraying from the Air.

Bracken spraying for farms,
forests and moorland areas.

targeting areas minimising the threat of contamination


Skyhook Helicopters are now providing services to the agricultural industry. Initially we have been concentrating on bracken spraying but intend to develop additional services within the sector. We pride ourselves in working with associated partner companies such as Heli Highland (Kenny MacGillivray) and AirAgri (Andrew McGillivray) who work closely with our Managing Pilot, Guy Stephens. Between them they command over 40 years’ experience in the aerial bracken spraying industry. Clients are able to liaise directly with us to be able to build a personal relationship with the operator, we can provide advice and we can survey your target areas for treatment.

Skyhook Helicopters has invested heavily in specialised spraying equipment to be able to carry out this service efficiently. By using our unique low drift nozzles, more of the chemical is concentrated to the target areas and therefore minimising the threat of contamination. By combining this equipment with the latest Differential GPS track guidance systems, we are able to improve accuracy and minimise overlapping applications. We feel this makes us unrivalled by any other operator in the UK today. Bracken is one of the oldest ferns with records dating back 55 million years. It is extremely resilient and with its rhizome root structure, 90% of the plant can be found up to 1 metre underground. Bracken has the ability to spread quickly and has the potential to extend its area by as much as 1-3% each year.

Managing bracken is an extremely important process for farmers, estate owners and public bodies. If left unchecked, bracken can become dominant and smother areas of productive land and heather moorland, this can be seen throughout many areas of the UK. For farmers this can make it extremely difficult for grazing and also gathering. In moorland areas, this can lead to sensitive habitats being invaded and within a short period of time, destroyed. Bracken provides the perfect habitat for ticks, which can affect livestock and spread diseases such as Lyme disease. With its carcinogenic and water-soluble properties, there have been possible links to stomach cancers. Although animals do not tend to eat bracken unless there is no other choice, poisonous toxins can be found on the fronds which makes this plant poisonous to livestock.



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